Hotel Management System in C# with Source Code

Sajjad Arif Gul - December 25, 2016 - 76 comments

Recently we received a lot of requests for different projects in our Facebook group. We have also published a number of C# projects in past but now we are starting a new series where we will publish a new project every week. These projects are for learning purposes so that the beginners can understand & get the idea of how to develop their own projects. We are starting this C# project series with Hotel Management System.

Hotel Management System

This C# project is a hotel management system developed to encompass the basic needs of small business. This is a desktop based application & no ASP has been used. However it does uses Twilio Web API to send Receipts as SMS to customers. This project utilises data to/from the SQL database as its back-end.


Below are some of the features of Hotel Management System.

  • Separate Login for both kitchen & reservation table
  • Universal Search field where you can search using any data type
  • Add/edit/update/delete an entry
  • Room Availability & Reservation
  • Credit card & debit card verification
  • SMS Service to send Receipts to Client Number
  • Todo List for Kitchen
  • Orders in Queue with complete details
  • Overview of all orders from all hotel rooms in datagridview
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Before you head over to Download this Hotel Management System, checkout this video. In this video we have shown how this system’s UI looks & its working. First we login from Admin account to add new orders & room reservation. We did a sample reservation. You can see how this procedure flows. On the checkout form client can pay via Debit or Credit card. This card number is verified against an algorithm. Later in the video we showed a single search field that can be used to do search from database by putting any type of Data either ID or name. Then we login from kitchen account where you can see TO-DO list. This list is the list of orders that the kitchen staff has to fulfil. Kitchen staff can also change order details & can look into details of room orders.

Download Source Files

This project is developed in Visual Studio 2012. The size of source files is 17 MB. This Project is originally hosted on GitHub.

You can also fork this project on GitHub from here. If you have any questions related to this or any other programming issue, ask me in the comments or on Facebook.

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Sajjad Arif Gul
Hi! I am Sajjad Arif Gul, Software Engineer, Web & Mobile Developer from Karachi Pakistan. I love sharing my knowledge that could possibly help someone’s life in some capacity. Happy Coding.

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  1. Rahim Ullah

    You have done this project in the best possible way ,nice brother but i just need hostel management system in php or any other language would you like to refer me an links or send me an email thank you ……..

  2. Rahim Ullah. I am basically C# developer & C Sharpens is all about C# Programs & Projects. However we will post Hostel Management System but that will be in C# Programming language.

  3. Tashfeen Malik

    Thanks for the project sir. I will continue to look for more projects here on this website.

  4. Robinhood

    Thank you. I was looking for a hotel management system. This is my semester project. I will use some of it. specially database.

  5. Rahim Ullah

    would you like to post hostel management system respected sir ?
    sajjad Gul

  6. @Rahim Ullah. We will post Hostel Management System in near future on C Sharpens. Please check up on regular intervals.

  7. hitesh

    i need an ERP software in c#. if you can develop?

  8. @hitesh! ERP is a big thing. Yes we can develop it but that would require a hell lot of work to be done if it is not a semester project. you can send me more details on my facebook ID.

  9. sodiq

    Nice works here man
    Thanks so much

  10. Rajapk

    Thanks for nice efforts and useful.

  11. Yasmine

    Hi i have problem with SQL server, so i need database for the application run ? Can i have the database ?

  12. Hi Yasmine. Database is also attached with it. You can find it alongside it.

  13. umair

    Sir Do you have some Big Project in C# For Final Year??

  14. maymoona

    Sir can u send me sorce code..

  15. danar

    Hello guys, can you send me source code. please…

  16. Hi Danar. Which source code are u looking for??

  17. Gábor

    Hi nice work!

    Can you help me? I have a issue for the datepicker obj. When i would like to enter the system, i got a error massage. System.ArgumentOutOfRange 2016.08.01 value unvalid for MinDate. MinDate good value less than MaxDate

    Thank you!

  18. Mithun

    in login page at right side corner you given license button. i want to modify/delete that can you tell me how sir.

  19. John Rusell

    Thank You so much sir Sajjad Gul!

  20. Bryan Bodin

    Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your site and in accession capital to assert that I get in fact enjoyed account your posts.

  21. Fokhrul

    Hello i have installed the source code. How do i create a username and password?

  22. riri

    can you give me source code sir?

  23. alina

    plz send me some final years projects with source code in c sharp..

  24. please send me a message in FB. I will send u a link to download code.

  25. rohit

    sir!! can you send me source code of any java game project……

  26. rohit

    what’s your fb id

  27. jimbop

    looking to learn c# and this looks like a great site.

    was this just while you was all in uni, as it looks a bit dead now?

  28. Marvie

    THank you maan

  29. Hi Jim. Well it was not all written when i was in university. I’ve wrote most of these in my office but now a days due to some business I am unable to work on it. Stay tune. Ill start writing again very soon. 🙂


  31. Emad

    I have installed the source code and attached the database to sql server then open the source code of HotelManagement but i receive an error message, i don’t know why?because software incompatibility, or are there other settings must be changed before i start to run the program, I have visual Studio 2017 rc and sql server 2016
    How can I do

  32. Maria

    Thanks for the updated code. It works now. previously there was an error in logging in regarding some date.

  33. Edward Yeboah

    pls can I get the source code for hostel management system in vb

  34. Edward kwaku yeboah

    pls sir can you send me the source code for hostel management system in VB or Java

  35. Khanday Jeelani

    I want more c# program projects .

  36. saud

    Username and password?

  37. Assalam o alakium Dear Respected sir Sajjad gul can u post school management system plz !!


  39. Meahr Umar

    sir mjy c# main hardware store inventory system project bnana hai plzzzzzzzz sir post kr dayen
    its my semester project

  40. Abdulbari

    Alsalam alekum
    It is good work done. Congrats.

  41. rashid

    plz send me hostel management system project in c#

  42. Vishal

    Is there any project on wpf

  43. sage hassan

    well done , I havent gone through your code yet but it seems to be super

  44. Nikhil Maharjan

    Can someone make a full tutorial video of this? with database and forms.
    highly requested

  45. i forget my admin and password name please this month i submit my project in c# of hotel management project…… This project is most helpful for me please help me how to regenerate the admin and password name

  46. how to regenerate the admin pasword

  47. ANANDI


  48. mithilesh kr

    sir this project is good but i cant understand the database.h how can i make database

  49. vinitha

    can anyone please tell me how to run this code in visual studio?
    bcoz if i go debug tool, it does n’t show the start without debugging option.
    so,please help me.

  50. Hassnat ahmed

    what is username and password

  51. for cashier
    username: admin
    password: admin

    for kitchen
    username : kitchen
    password : kitchen

  52. Please send me a screenshot of your issue on [email protected]

  53. rubin

    Hi I get this error when running in VS.. “System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException”

  54. Deepika

    Somehow the video is not working. Can you please help.

  55. Jay Park

    I’m in need of hotel management using data structures(queues only) source code, if u can help…

  56. İbrahim Ethem

    Hi Sajjad , can u share your facebook link. i have to ask u something urgent.

  57. emmy smith

    Hi sajiad u are good I love ur projects. Am new here can help me . am a beginner can u send steps guide how to run this project. Both procedures. Thank u sir

  58. Riyaz

    Can you Post Mvc Project

  59. John

    Please how do i checkout customers and also know unoccupied?
    Thank you

  60. Hi sajiad, Please how do i check out customers and also check in customers for available rooms

  61. Muhammad

    Inventory management code please

  62. milkiyashailu

    please send me some final years projects with source code on your data base name da.

  63. Rasel Mohammad

    Hello brother,
    could you please help me with my C# semester project? I have to make a project on hotel rooms or hotel guest using console application but not connecting SQL. Just console application. Please help me with that.

  64. Marcus

    How can I login

  65. Fatima

    Assalam o Alikum sir,will u have c# code of hotel management system with more advance features.

  66. Sajjad Hussain

    Sir I need Of Inventory Management System Software

  67. fareeha farooq

    sir, i need event management code in c# language.

  68. ibtisam bhatti

    Hi Friends any one have school management system c# and sql

  69. Omar Asim

    Dear Sajjad,

    Please confirm how can we change the names that you have added in state ?

  70. fahad

    sir username or password ma error araha h/???kasy thek ho ga??

  71. Tata

    Wow, thanks Sir.
    I just downloaded the source code I am yet to run it but it looks interesting already.
    Please what version of Visual Studio to run?
    Is the explainer video on YouTube? Can i have the link please

    I have been C# developer for some years back. A friend asked me to help in her small hotel so i want to get her running 😀

  72. Syed Fakher Imam

    Hi Sir I can’t find the source code of Hotel Managment System Can you Please email me this project. [email protected]

  73. Nida J.M

    i need full coding of hotel managrment system

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