Written By Faraz Rasheed
Editors : Tore Nestenius, Jonathan Worthington, Lee Addy

Pages : 338
Size : 4 MB

The book is divided in to three progressive levels. In the first beginner stage we will be discussing the .Net Framework, C# Language Fundamentals and Object Oriented Programming. In the second intermediate section we will go into depth with Object Oriented constructs such as inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, interfaces, structures, enumerations and exceptions. In the third and final advanced section we will delve into what is required to implement real world applications using C# with Base Libraries, focusing on topics such as Collections, Delegates, Events and Windows Programming with a number of controls, as well as Data Access with ADO.Net, Threads and Streams.




  1. Hi sir do you teach c# and asp .net mvc via teamviewer? how to apply for your course? i send you request on facebook

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